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To get started with us, please go over all of our internet plans and other plans to let our operators know which one works for you the best! We guarantee high-quality customer support service with high-speed FTTH broadband connection all over the country.

Gigabit Technology

We are using latest gigabit technology which ensure higest internet speed without any hassle.

99% Uptime

Our backup internet technology will ensure 99% server uptime for dropless internet experience.

24x7 Support

We have a strong and dedicated team for support which comes with 24x7 services.


One of the Leading Internet Service Provider Company in Dhaka

We guarantee high-quality customer support service with high-speed fibre-optic connection all over the Dhaka Citiy. Our IPTV is super fast, bufferless and have hundreds of channels ready to stream on any device.  Enjoy fun family nights and loud friends parties at your place!

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nvention Technologies Limited provides an extensive range of high quality data & internet connectivity services throughout the country. We offer safe internet access services with various service level descriptions for corporate businesses and SMEs. Our IPTSP services allow the opportunity to generate profitable and recurring monthly revenue for businesses. We also offer hosting & web development solutions for any business with high availability and consistency.

Corporate Internet & Data Connectivity

Safe & Smarter Home Internet

High Quality & Reliable IPTSP Service


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